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The History and Theoretical Basis of SPIDER Therapy.
The sport and rehabilitation equipment called "SPIDER" was developed as an answer to the missing link in rehabilitation. It is used to improve various diseases of mobility and physical deficits caused by disorders of the Central Nervous System.                                        
It has become incredibly useful in raising the standard of efficiency in patients born with Cerebral Palsy and other neuro-motor disorders.The "SPIDER" system came into being in 1993 and has helped us to improv the mobility and independence of our patients as we followed a dedicated seven-year learning curve. Our experience has maximized the use of this revolutionary therapy equipment.

The interesting point about "SPIDER" is that it combines many characteristic features of modern rehabilitation equipment into one, which on one hand allows unlimited therapeutic possibilities, and on the other hand, is found to be a simple and amazingly helpful piece of therapy equipment without being a separate system of therapy. It enables Physicians and therapists to design and administer a complete range of rehabilitation for almost every type of disorder. SPIDER allows an ease of use for both therapists and patients, improving the Patient's mobility and effectively reducing the disorders of the Central Nervous System that is beyond traditional therapy. Many specialists have appreciated the advantages of this equipment. "SPIDER" has been tested in a Public Open Treatment Hospital is Warsaw-Mokotow and also in Warsaw's Integrating Playground, where it was nicely accepted and fully admired by patients, doctors and therapists administering the course. They have appreciated the fact that activities performed on the "SPIDER" do not have to be hard and exhausting work but rather great fun during which a therapist runs a rehabilitation program with full patient acceptance. This sounds terrific to all patients - especially those with Children's Cerebral Palsy.

Rehabilitation based on "SPIDER" is Neuro Developmental Treatment. This therapy focuses on detailed observation of the Patient allowing treatment professionals to get to know his or her deficits. A plan can then be formulated to lead the Patient into the next step for their developmental progress. This unusual "study of mobility behavior", created by Berta and Karel Bobathow, working in combination with the equipment's abilities and therapeutic professionalism provides a huge return in rehabilitation potential. This in turn amplifies the positive aspects of the Patients overall rehabilitation program. By utilizing this therapy we can weaken and finally eliminate pathological and neurological reactions that obstruct newly acquired mobility patterns. In its place we stimulate the formulation of neurological reactions that guarantee proper body movements, control of the body and elastic, coordinated movements with proper balance. In a way we can change reactions into healthy actions in the Patients behalf.

Another very useful procedure in this therapy is called "CASTING". We can get an improvement in alignment or if necessary change the propriceptors involved. We can achieve lowering of muscle tension in parts of the body, which allows an increase in the freedom of movement by the Patient. It is also possible to stimulate and create postural and motor patterns as well as different desired and planned therapeutic effects. In nearly all cases, "CASTING" is a much better alternative to surgical intervention. All of these methods of Neuro Developmental improvement are much easier to arrange and modify using "SPIDER" and the control that it allows. This equipment combines children's needs with opportunities that cannot easily be achieved in a traditional way.